Hip hop Dance

Hip hop is a street culture. It can be very sexy and fashionable, and it drives up enthusiasm, high feeling and hot atmosphere at scene by vitality of body actions.

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An European classical dance, conceived in the Italian Renaissance, and gradually developed and popularized and professionalized since the seventeenth century in France, it swept the world and has been continuously renovated. Ballet shows drama plots with

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Dai Nationality Dance

Dai dance is an ancient folk dance, and is also the Dai peoples favorite dance. At the time of New Year celebrations, Dai people, of all ages, of all sexes, and regardless of venues, would hop to dance for self-entertainment.

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Belly Dance

Belly Dance is a dance form with Arabian style which features a dancer swinging buttocks and abdomen with the ever-changing fast-pace. The dance is graceful, fantastically changeful, and more highlighting the Arabian styles and mystery.

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