60 Seconds Not NG

Game props: mat, single-plank bridge, goggles, gongsRules of the game: invite 5 members of the audience to the stage (four men and one woman) to consecutively complete the following four kinds of physical movements in 60 seconds. For each kind, there has

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Love Pass

Participants are lined up into 2 rows. The person at the head of each row use his/her nose and mouth to pick a poker that should be passed to the one standing next, and the next one must also do the same to pass the card to the third one...... until to th

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Balloon Heading Race

Props: a balloon, a ropeParticipants: two teams racing against each other (with each team with typically 3 to 7 persons)Rules of the game: Before the game starts, the rope is pulled up in the middle of the field (Just the same as the tennis net), then the

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Joining Force to Blow Balloons

Props: the host to prepare for each group six cards of signs that shows: mouth; hands (two); ass; feet (two)Balloons (one for each group)Play:1. The participants are divided into two groups, and each group must have six members. 2. The host asks each mem

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